Jacob Thompson (TEN20) is a speaker, spoken word, and hip-hop artist from Minneapolis, MN. His message is summed up in three words: pursue - passion - purpose. Through his speaking and art he encourages people to not only pursue their passions, but for this pursuit to be centered on their true purpose.

Jacob got into spoken word and rapping during his time at Bethel University. Throughout college and after graduation he had not been feeling right physically for a long time and finally decided to see a doctor. After a series of tests he was diagnosed with a rare, genetic condition known as Friedreich's Ataxia (FA). FA causes progressive damage to the cerebral cortex, causing difficulties in balance, coordination, speech, and energy production, eventually landing most of its patients in a wheelchair. This is hard news to receive at 24 years old and brought Jacob into a time of feeling hopeless, depressed, and wanting to give up. However, through it all, Jacob continues to persevere, exercising daily to maintain his health, and not letting his condition hold him back from pursuing his passion and purpose. He hopes to inspire people to press on despite the challenges that they face, holding onto the truth that the most difficult trials make for the strongest individuals.

Aside from speaking, spoken word, and hip-hop, Jacob, better known as JT, runs a high school mentoring program in Minneapolis and coaches football and basketball. He is married to his beautiful wife, Abigail Thompson, and together they are raising their son, Titus.


Minneapolis, MN, USA

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