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CHAMPIONs in sports and life

1 Timothy 4:8

Coachable - Humble - Authentic - Mentally Tough - Persevering - Intentional - Outstanding - Nonconforming

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DEAR YOUNG ATHLETE, is a movement started by Jacob "TEN20" Thompson. Jacob is an acclaimed inspirational communicator, the author of  From Diagnosis To Destiny, an award-winning recording artist, and a rare disease advocate.

Jacob has turned a devastating diagnosis into an opportunity to inspire others to persevere through their challenges and pursue their purpose. He derives strength and perspective from two areas: his faith and the lessons that he learned playing sports.

Jacob dreamed of becoming a professional athlete in his youth but his career was cut short by a rare disease, Friedreich's Ataxia. After coaching high school football for over seven years, he has a passion to speak to young athletes, sharing his story and pointing them towards their purpose that transcends athletics.

Jacob thought his athletic career ended when he was 18, until he recently discovered Para Cycling. His ability to compete has been reborn and he is now actively training with his eyes on the Paralympics. He practices what he preaches, aiming to inspire and develop young athletes along the way.

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